Alphabet Discs Dual Sided Upper and Lower Case.

Alphabet Discs Dual Sided Upper and Lower Case.

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My Happy Helpers alphabet discs are a great way to teach your little one the alphabet. Designed for home or classroom, these discs are dual sided and made from engraved birch wood, ensuring they are both durable and sustainable.

One side of the disc features Upper Case Modern Cursive Script (as used in Australian Schools) and on the reverse side you will find the  matching Lower Case letter.

Watch as your child lines the letters up in order, or practices spelling out their name. These discs will be a sure hit when developing your child’s pre reading and pre writing skills. 


Set of 26 Alphabet Discs.

Combines Upper and Lower Case letters. 

Premium, sustainably sourced Birch Wood.

Packaged in a cotton drawstring bag 


Size: 4.5cm * .05cm

Recommended Age 18+ Months