Lively Living Anxiety Aid Blend Organic Essential Oil.

Lively Living Anxiety Aid Blend Organic Essential Oil.

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  • Lively Livings Certified Organic Anxiety Aid Blend  has been recognised and approved  by the Therapeutic Goods Association of Australia for its ability to reduce Anxiety and the related health issues which anxiety can cause. TGA Registered Number: AUST L 343003
  • Incorporating 7 of the finest powerhouse Organic Essential Oils known for their ability to reduce anxiety, relieve irritability, banish nervousness & stress,  Lively Living Anxiety Aid Blend,  is also Certified Organic by ACO, (Australian Certified Organic).


  • Stress,  Anxiety, Nervousness, Irritability


  •  Reduce symptoms of mild anxiety
  •  Reduce the occurrence of irritability
  •  Support healthy body stress recovery
  •  Relieve disturbed sleep
  • Calmative nervous system relaxant
  • Support healthy emotional and mental wellbeing