Dance Ribbon.

Dance Ribbon.

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This dance ribbon will encourage children’s creativity and movement.

Children can move to how the music makes them feel.

This encourages creativity. Music is a guide for their creation. The rainbow ribbon is an extension of their body.

Children learn to extend their movements down the arm to the ribbon.

They can hold the wooden handle and swirl, shake, or wave the ribbon around creating figures in the air.

Using a dance ribbon will develop a child’s coordination as well as strengthening their balance.

Dance ribbons are also fundamental for allowing children to be aware of their bodies and body space perception.

While children jump and spin they learn to be aware of people and other children around them.

Children can coordinate their own dance routines which encourages team work, create a story line and use the ribbons and their dance movements to express the story through movement.

There many elements that promote many beneficial skills simply by using a dance ribbon and movement

Ribbon Size: 3 metres long

Stick Size: 32cm

Ages: 3+