Dena- Kid 6pc & House.

Dena- Kid 6pc & House.

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Encouraging free play, this set of six (6) houses and six (6) kids opens up a world of possibility, see how high you can stack the soft, flexible houses and kids. The Neon House and Kids Teether Toy is so versatile, teach kids classification through the bright colours and shapes and have them developing strong dexterity and fine motor by picking up the different flexible shapes. Introduce them to the wonders of baking – use them as little cake/biscuit moulds (both oven and dishwasher safe!), and they’re 100% safe to chew on they’re made completely BPA FREE!

We love these cute little guys in store, purely for their versatility and bright colours!

Dena Silicone Toy House and Kids Stacker Features:

  • 0m+
  • Helps develop Fine Motor, Cognitive, Emotional, Social and Sensory skills.
  • Solo play or multiplayer
  • Can be used as a teether, a stacking toy, for free play and baking!
  • oven and dishwasher safe

If you love things that are all-in-one and versatile this is the stacker toy for you from the Dena Silicone Toy range.