Magblox 64 pcs.
Magblox 64 pcs.
Magblox 64 pcs.
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Magblox 64 pcs.

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It's with great delight that we present our new Magblox 64PCS set in light colours!!

The new set features all the things you already love about Magblox, made from recycled ABS plastic, strong magnets, silver rivets, and perfect isosceles symmetry, with a few new details:

  • New Trapezoid shape
  • 3 New car colours
  • Clear crystal colour has been added

MAGBLOX®Magnetic Building Tiles was designed to foster and encourage children's cognitive development, spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skills all while 'Learning through Play!

What makes us different from other brands?

Our 64 Pcs Set includes:

4 Big Squares

24 Small Squares 

12 Isosceles triangles (to make a dodecagon)

6 Right angle triangles

12 Equilateral triangles

4 Trapezoids

2 cars

1 Ideas Booklet 

Increase your child's STEAM learning and activities through:

  • Building and Construction Skills Learning about symmetry and patterns
  • Building and understanding 2D and 3D shapes and structures
  • Shape recognition: Mathematical and spatial relationships
  • Persistence, problem-solving, hand-eye coordination abilities
  • Endless Creativity

The colours, translucency, and magnets allow children to build and create in ways they can't with standard building blocks.

MAGBLOX® is compatible with other magnetic tile brands. They are safe, durable, and made with food-grade ABS recycled plastic, BPA free, and plastic-free phthalates.

Our MAGBLOX® is suitable for children ages 3 years and up.

MAGBLOX® design is an original idea by JC Ingenium®.