Touch a Bubble.

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low super strong bubbles that stay bubbles even when touched. No popping. A true bubble making breakthrough. These long-lasting bubbles are great fun at science parties, or any party. Teachers, use them to teach about bubbles and the properties of air.

Age: 5 + with adult supervision

What you get

One test tube of touchable bubble solution and wand (approx. 10.5cm high). Colours vary.

How does it work?

After blowing bubbles into the air you only have to wait a few seconds before they are ready to be gently touched without popping! You will know when they are ready to touch because they turn white and transparent. They are made from a unique bubble formulation that allows them to last for a few minutes before they eventually shrink. Try levitating them with our Fun Fly Stick.


  • Properties of air
  • Bubbles: What are bubbles? What is needed to make a bubble? Why are bubbles always round?
  • Bubble facts -

(1)   Detergent makes a good bubble because it is sticky. Molecules like each other and want to stick together (elasticity).

(2)   Bubbles are always round. Their shape is due to air pressure.

(3)   They are the thinnest thing we can see without a magnifying glass (5000 layers = 1 eyelash).

(4)   Colours are due to light and moisture.